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The TAMMA Story


Our name TAMMA, literally represents family.  I have the unique gift of being the father of triplets plus another daughter, while having a beautiful and supportive wife.  The first letter of each of their first names, results in TAMMA.

“Families” can be a single individual, a large multi-cultural unit or generations, or even simply a few close friends.  It is important for us that we get to know you and your family. When we meet, you’ll see how our services directly connect to what’s on your heart and mind.  I saw firsthand how my own family struggled with financial anxiety and the burden it caused. This is one of the reason why I chose to become an advisor and build my own firm to help bring peace of mind to my clients.

The day that my triplets were born was the day that I started TAMMA.  The growth of TAMMA has been measured step by step with their growth and that of their younger sibling.  With over 20 years of wealth planning and asset management experience, I also see the growth within the families of our clients.  My expertise sit right in the center of what families need in identifying a wealth management plan.

Although I have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients, TAMMA clients experience something far greater.  Clients see that I put their best interests first by explaining wealth planning in plain English, being straightforward and offering a different viewpoint when needed, holding meetings when it is convenient for them, and by bringing thier financial life together in one place.

It takes time, focus, and knowledge to build a wealth management plan and manage investable assets.  TAMMA is here to assist with these critical life tasks to support your financial and lifestyle goals to help bring peace of mind to your family.

Paul Fenner is the President and Founder of TAMMA Capital.  Paul has over 20 years of wealth planning, asset management, and business accounting, finance, and operational experience. Paul holds the following degrees and certifications;

  • BA, Adrian College
  • MBA, The University of Findlay
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)
  • Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC)
  • Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Series 65
  • Charted Financial Analyst (CFA®) Level II Candidate

Email:  pfenner@tammacapital.com                    

Direct Telephone: 248-860-2279