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Jun 26

This Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The picture below is one of the many faces of TAMMA.  She happens to be one of the M’s in TAMMA as her name is Mackenzie (Mac).  But her picture could be one of your children.  It could be Kennedy, Collin, Brody, Grace, or Sophia who are just a few of the youngest members of […]

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Jun 04

The Negative Impact to Clients Due to Increasing Asset Minimums

One of the principals that sets TAMMA apart from other investment advisory firms was my decision to work with clients of all asset levels.  The WSJ had two articles here and here that chronicles how large organizations such as UBS and Bank of America’s Merrill Lynch are indicating to their advisors that they want $1 million and above in assets per client and not the […]

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Oct 25

The Go-Giver vs. the Go-Taker

60 Minutes this past weekend aired yet another example of professional athletes being taken advantage of by slick talking financial advisors.  This is very similar to a piece that I wrote about back in July when three high profile athletes Mark Sanchez, Jake Peavy, and Roy Oswalt were ripped off for ~$30M. The key piece […]

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Sep 13

The Ability to be Adaptable and Flexible

One of the traits that helped me during my corporate finance career was learning how to be adaptable and flexible.  Over the course of my Corporate career I faced some fairly challenging experiences: Took part in the closing of 2 MFG facilities; Involved in the movement of product which eventually resulted in the closure of […]

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