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Aug 26

Economics is Largely the Study of Making Choices

Economics is largely the study of making choices.  I wish that I would have stressed this point more to my economic students last semester.  There aren’t absolute laws in economics like there are in other hard and physical sciences such as chemistry and physics.  However, there are some established tendencies and limits to economics such […]

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Aug 09

Wealth Planning, Life Planning, & Economics

Last week I had put together a curated list of articles that I have been reading or have read over the past few months that focused on Self-Improvement, Career, Continuous Learning, and Investing.  This week I am wrapping up this two part series with a focus on some broad topics which include Wealth Planning, Life […]

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Jul 26

Barry Ritholtz’s Masters in Business Turns 100

I am a regular connoisseur of Barry Ritholtz’s work both in print and digital.  Barry writes for his own site The Big Picture in addition to columns at Bloomberg and The Washington Post.  A few years ago Barry began work at Bloomberg on a podcast series called Master in Business (MIB).  The premise behind the […]

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Jul 19

Now we May Know Where All of Our Gas Savings are Going

So how many of you are still enjoying the relative low gas prices?  Summer road trips are still considerably lower than they have been in years which means you might be able to spend more money elsewhere. One of the questions that finance folks have been asking over the past few years since the initial […]

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