How to Tame Your Inner Workaholism – Sarah Green Carmichael

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Do you suffer from workaholism? This podcast will help you learn how to tame it, and develop a healthier work life balance.

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What if you had a heart attack, but instead of calling your spouse or partner to get medical attention, your first thought was, “I need to meet with my manager tomorrow; this isn’t convenient?” Whoa there, workaholic.

This is precisely what Jonathan Frostick, an IT lead at HSBC, experienced and explained in a LinkedIn post that went viral.  His cry-for-a-workaholism-cure post that caught the eye of Sarah Green Carmichael, an editor with Bloomberg. She decided she needed to know more about why someone would think about a meeting before calling for medical help.

During our conversation, Sarah shares tactics on reducing workaholism, from learning how to embrace trade-offs to developing other identities outside of our work/careers.

In the spirit of taking some time off this holiday weekend, please re-enjoy my conversation with Sarah Green Carmichael, editor at Bloomberg LP about how to tame your inner workaholism.

Sarah Green Carmichael

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