Ep.40 – Joe Ferraro – How to Have a Damn Good Conversation

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Joe Ferraro One Percent Better

Joe Ferraro joins the podcast to discuss his One Percent Better Strategy and how to have a damn good conversation.

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Have you ever wondered what makes a great conversation?  How being present, curious, and creative affect the quality of our conversations?

Joe Ferraro, a high school English teacher, thinks about having conversations a lot. But, more specifically, Joe focuses is on how to have damn good conversations.

During our damn good conversation, Joe talks about his journey from being a high school teacher to launching the One Percent Better Podcast over four years ago.  An event that has now helped him launch a new business where he helps people do just that, have better conversations now and every single time.

We also talk specifically about the One Percent Better strategy and how you can begin to take steps to get better no matter what you may be trying to accomplish. This strategy ties into the great work that James Clear and Carol Dweck have done in the fields of habits and mindsets, respectively.  A focus that begins one small step at a time and builds upon each other to the point where you realize how much progress you have made.

Joe stresses that you need to be curious and present with the person or people you are speaking with to have great conversations.  An area that I tend to struggle with within my own family.  But in our daily lives, Joe also points out that asking better questions naturally leads to better conversations.

Please enjoy my conversation with Joe Ferraro.

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