Ep.07 – Dr. Patrick Qatsha – Being a Healthcare Professional, Business Owner and Father of Multiple Kids in a Global Pandemic

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What if the business that you had worked your entire life to build suddenly had to shut down?  During the COVID pandemic, you likely heard of many companies that had to shut down abruptly.  However, what if your business was in the medical field that put yourself and your entire family at risk?

My guest this week is Dr. Pat Qatsha, a Dentist and owner of Dream Dental.  This is precisely the situation that Pat faced with his business and family.  To make the situation even more complicated, Pat, wife Sonia, a Physician Assistant, was also working on the front lines of the COVID battle.

Pat talks about what it was like having both of them being on the pandemic’s front lines while having their three children at home.  The struggles they are going through with homeschooling and the family support system they have relied upon to help see them through the challenges of being healthcare professionals.

We talk about Pat’s personal battle pre and post COVID to balance running and growing a business, his spouse with a demanding career of her own while raising their three young children.  A relatable challenge for most entrepreneurs, especially those with families.

In our conversation, we discuss why Pat chose his whole-body approach to dentistry since oral health is directly linked to overall health and how it translates into better care for his patients.  Pat talks about the challenges of ramping his practice back up in a post-COVID-19 landscape, given the increased safety measures required within a dental office.

Full disclosure, my family has been patients of Dr. Qatsha for over seven years.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Pat Qatsha.

Dr. Patrick Qatsha

Dream Dental

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