Ep.08 – Jillian Moutafis – A Non-traditional Journey into a New Career While Raising Three Kids

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A Non-traditional Journey into a New Career While Raising Three Kids
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make a mid-life career shift while raising a family?  A change to a completely unrelated career you already spent thousands of hours and multiple degrees to pursue?

This week, my guest is Jillian Moutafis, a leading real estate agent in the Metro Detroit area. The mother to three girls, Jillian, discusses her non-traditional journey into real estate from being an elementary school teacher for 12 years before deciding to make a career change.  Jillian talks about why she decided to change to a more flexible career that would allow her more time with her three daughters. 

Changing careers is a topic that many parents grapple with. Jillian talks about the struggle to make it work, especially in the early years, when she lost money as a realtor.  And how she tried being both a teacher and real estate agent part-time, and the sign she received that finally pushed her to go into real estate full-time.

Jillian and I discuss the significant emotional elements that major life decisions bring, including buying or selling a house, and why Jillian takes such a personal approach to live her life to helping people through the emotional transitions that real estate can bring. 

With housing inventory and interest rates being at or near all-time lows, we discuss why having a real estate agent on your side can be extremely beneficial both financially and emotionally.  When it comes to buying or selling a house, Jillian points out multiple action items that both buyers and sellers should consider. 

Jillian also opens up about how challenging it has been raising their three daughters while she and her husband manage their full-time careers during COVID.  How early on, COVID helped their fast-paced family slow down, but how the lingering uncertainty of the pandemic has caused her to rethink many decisions.

Please enjoy my conversation with Jillian Moutafis.

Jillian Moutafis

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