Ep.66 – Allison White – Not Taking Simple Joys for Granted

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What do you think of first when you hear the term behavioral science?  It is a topic that I research and read about constantly as it sits at the precipice of my work with families.  Behavioral science, to me, is a toolbox that I use to help families be happier, healthier, and wealthier.

There is no better person to talk about this topic than a behavioral researcher.  Allison White is just that person.  Allison works for Dan Ariely at the Common Cents Lab, where she leverages behavioral science to conduct product research that aims to improve individuals’ financial decision-making.  Her work sits at the intersection of design research and behavioral science that help to drive behavior change.

Throughout our conversation, Allison and I tackle topics that tend to hinder families’ and individuals’ financial decisions and growth.  Our ability to think about making tradeoffs amidst resources scarcity, whether time or money.  We talk about how we can make good decisions for our present self and future self. 

Most people want to be financially responsible, but we can easily fall into an attention gap where our actions do not support the values we want to achieve.  Allison identifies some strategies on how we can overcome this gap.

Please enjoy my conversation with Allison White.

Allison White

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