Ep.113 – Dr. Erin Halligan-Avery – From Struggles to Solutions: Choosing Between Career Stability and Entrepreneurship

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Dr. Erin Halligan Avery, TAMMA Capital, Concern Center

Subscribe to the show on Apple Podcast |Google Podcast | Amazon Music | Spotify The Covid pandemic impacted all of us in some way, but for some, it changed their lives for better and worse. As a mental health counselor at an academic institution, Dr. Erin Halligan-Avery needed a creative and effective way to connect students with the help they … Read More

Your Life is Not a Financial Calculator: A Guide to Making Sound Choices

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calculator, TAMMA Capital

As a parent, you’re constantly juggling responsibilities, including managing your family’s finances. However, life is not as linear as the calculations on a financial calculator. It’s unpredictable, rich with opportunities, and interspersed with challenges. And while managing your money is crucial, it’s equally important to understand that your financial choices should align with your unique lifestyle, values, and aspirations for … Read More

Every Dollar is a Choice: Parenting & Building Families with Conscious Spending

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Kids & money, Tamma Capital

Research is increasingly shedding light on an often overlooked fundamental truth—happiness is essentially the outcome of our conscious choices. Every decision we make mirrors our priorities and establishes a subtle yet significant connection with our overall happiness. One could say that the checkbook stands as a testament to this truth. I have a phrase, “the checkbook never lies.” Show me … Read More

Career Transitions: The Norm, Not the Exception

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Do something great, Career Transitions, Tamma Capital

While change can be disorienting and scary, it can provide valuable opportunities to reevaluate what makes life meaningful.  In 2015, I was unexpectedly transitioned out of my corporate role.  It happened during the holidays, which made it even more emotional.  However, if it weren’t for that transition, which was extremely painful at the time, I would have never seen the … Read More

Ep.110 – Sarah Khan – Career Rehab: Breaking Free from Corporate Mindsets to Build a Life-Aligned Business

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Sarah Khan, Business Blasphemy, Empowerment as an Entrepreneur

Subscribe to the show on Apple Podcast |Google Podcast | Amazon Music | Spotify Do you feel you are not supported in your current career position?  Is the grind of your current corporate role more than you can bear? After being laid off multiple times, including once during her maternity leave, Sarah Khan felt unsupported by her employers multiple times, … Read More

Rethinking Productivity

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Productivity, Tamma Capital

I have always been a very driven person.  But as a parent, I constantly feel the push and pull of integrating family and career.  With this push and pull, there is an insatiable drive to be as productive as possible. Do you feel this as well? With a growing business (which I love, by the way), a spouse with a … Read More

Navigating the Financial Journey of Raising Triplets+1: One Day at a Time

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Triplets, Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, Financial Planning, Parents

Just over a decade ago, I was bestowed with a unique challenge and blessing – raising triplets plus one. After twelve whirlwind years, they’ve completed their elementary school journey. An old saying that resonated deeply when I first discovered we were having triplets was, “the days are long, but the years are short.” This insight has been the most genuine … Read More