Ronald Reagan on Marriage: Love, Dad

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Ronald Regan

Regardless of your political affiliation, Ronald Regan was one of the most polarizing Presidents of our time.  something akin to Bill Clinton but for different reasons as this letter may tell. It has been well documented in a series of letters and books the relationship that President Regan had with his wife Nancy.  The two shared some type of love … Read More

How To Find Work That You Love

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One of the topics that I discussed in a presentation that I gave on the topic of 401(k) & 403(b) rollovers is that you have multiple options.  However, before you decide what option may be best for you, I encourage people to sit down and answer the following three questions: What worries you about your financial future? How do you … Read More

Ep.07 – Dr. Patrick Qatsha – Being a Healthcare Professional, Business Owner and Father of Multiple Kids in a Global Pandemic

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Dr. Pat Qatsha

Embed – Subscribe to the show on Apple Podcast |Google Podcast | Amazon Music | Spotify What if the business that you had worked your entire life to build suddenly had to shut down?  During the COVID pandemic, you likely heard of many companies that had to shut down abruptly.  However, what if your business was in the medical field … Read More

Financial Planning for People Who Get Married Later in Life

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Financial planning for people who get married later in life tends to be a bit more complicated due to divorce, children, debt, and assets that people who marry younger tend not to have to deal with.  However, anyone who is ready to walk down the aisle needs to pay serious considerations to both lifestyle and finances that can impact both … Read More

Ep.06 – Dr. JR Muldoon – Finding the Counter Balance in Life While Raising Multiple Kids and Building a Business

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Dr. JR Muldoon

Embed- Subscribe to the show on Apple Podcast |Google Podcast | Amazon Music | Spotify As someone who has dealt with migraines for most of my life, stress management has always been a critical component of managing my migraines.  But like most people with multiple kids, a demanding career or business, and a plethora of tugging priorities, managing stress can … Read More

Five reasons kids are awesome

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I originally posted this piece in April 2012 after spending about 8 hours in an ER from late into the night to early into this morning with one of the triplets. I found a brief post by fellow financial field colleague  #JoshBrown head at The Reformed Broker.   Given the current pandemic and kids homeschooling, I can definitely relate to … Read More

How The Happiest People In The World Spend Their Money

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When it comes to wealth planning, your spending plan is an overlooked component of how successful you will be in achieving your plan.  But not why you may think. Aligning your spending to what you value is one of the critical aspects of achieving your wealth management plan.  Spending on what supports your values, cost aside, helps you to buy … Read More

Ep.05 – Nick Raich – The Stock Market is Not the Economy

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Nick Raich

Subscribe to the show on Apple Podcast |Google Podcast | Amazon Music | Spotify Are you curious as to why the stock market has skyrocketed higher when the economy feels stuck in first gear during this global pandemic?  Or why, when a company reports great earnings, its stock price can go down? This week I speak with Nick Raich, Founder, … Read More

Ep.04 – Shayna Levin – Managing Twins, a Business During COVID-19, and Explaining Home & Auto Insurance

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Shayna Levin

Subscribe to the show on Apple Podcast |Google Podcast | Amazon Music | Spotify Have you ever wondered why you pay what you pay for auto and homeowners insurance, also known as property and casualty insurance?  Did you know that from a cost perspective, there is a greater emphasis on tickets and accidents, and frequency and severity, on your insurance … Read More