5 Factors That Determine Your Credit Score

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Recently I was sitting down with a new client who just graduated from college and we began to cover the basic tenants of what a financial plan would look like for this young lady.  Mind you this young woman only took on a reasonable amount of student loan debt, had no credit card debt, and actually had a material amount … Read More

The Shrinkage Effect in the Stock Market

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I came across two articles recently The Shrinkage Effect in the Stock Market and The bull market is all about the shrinking supply of stocks with the same point but coming at it from two different angles. There has been a significant increase in the repurchase of shares by companies There are fewer stocks to choose from in the U.S. equity markets … Read More

Robot Maker Fanuc Bets on Artificial Intelligence

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How about robots that can repair themselves?  According to this WSJ article, the future may not be too far away. Fanuc, a Japanese company and maker of robots has purchased a 6% stake in Preferred Networks, a start-up focused on artificial intelligence.  I have owned Fanuc in the past although we do not currently own any shares. Personally, I had first-hand … Read More

Corrections are a time to get things right…again

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As we kick off another volatile week on Wall Street (to the downside as volatility can also mean to the upside) I came across two great articles last week to provide some perspective on the current equity market situation; Barry Ritholtz’s weekly column at the Washington Post and a WSJ article by Geoffrey Rogow titled 5 Days That Taught Investors … Read More

The Biggest Threat To Your Portfolio

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The Biggest Threat To Your Portfolio is a well-written piece by Josh Brown at The Reformed Broker who highlights that all of the current noise going around in the financial markets such as Greece, China, or the Federal Reserve is not the biggest enemy of your portfolio.  The biggest threat to your portfolio is you. Brown notes in his article, … Read More

How to Get a Job at Goldman Sachs From a Non-Ivy League School in 8 Steps

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Although this Business Insider piece is focused on getting a position at an investment bank, I think that these steps could apply to any field no matter what college or university you may have attended. Send resumes early And send resumes often Make Excel your best friend Treat the application process as a part-time job This is one topic that we will touch on often … Read More

Where You Live Correlates to a 20% Investment Bias

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We are always interested in learning more about our investing biases.  Hat tip to Barry Ritholtz for posting the graph below. Looking at the list of stocks that I follow, I definitely have a tilt towards the industrials. I think that this is likely not only because I grew up in the Midwest and currently live in MI, but also due to my extensive corporate … Read More