Options to Help Reduce Your Tax Base

Paul FennerTax Planning

As year-end approaches, I have been fielding many questions from my clients about what options they could take advantage of to shelter some of their income from taxes in 2016.  While time is running out with only 6 weeks left in the year, there are several straightforward approaches that could help save you money come tax time in April. Max … Read More

It is not the Critic Who Counts

Paul FennerLife Transitions

Theodore roosevelt - its not the critic who counts - It is not the Critic Who Counts | Tamma Capital

Typically, I wouldn’t post a book review or summary of a book focused squarely on investing especially when it comes to technical analysis.  Most of you simply would not care and if you are likely utilizing someone to manage your assets for you, that should be your manager’s job to understand if they are using technical analysis in their investment … Read More

The Go-Giver vs. the Go-Taker

Paul FennerPersonal Finance

Dwcm open hands - NFL players association the go giver - The Go-Giver vs. the Go-Taker | Tamma Capital

60 Minutes this past weekend aired yet another example of professional athletes being taken advantage of by slick-talking financial advisors.  This is very similar to a piece that I wrote about back in July when three high-profile athletes Mark Sanchez, Jake Peavy, and Roy Oswalt were ripped off for ~$30M. The key piece in both examples but maybe more so … Read More

Taking a Leap of Faith

Paul FennerLife Transitions

529 plan

Even the best-laid plans in life can require a certain leap of faith.  You can pull all of your numbers together, put forth your best forecast based upon your current facts and assumptions, and arrive at a sound analysis.  Everything indicates that this is the right move but then nothing.  Nothing but fear. Fear can be a crippling factor within … Read More

The Most Important Thing

Paul FennerPortfolio Management

Structure - 401(k) committee - How to Establish a 401(k) Plan Investment Committee | Tamma Capital

Howard Marks is the Co-Chairman of Oaktree Capital Management, a global investment management firm.  Mr. Marks is regarded as a leader in the investment management industry.  His breadth of knowledge is often highlighted within his memos that are published regularly and his book, The Most Important Thing. Mr. Marks and I share many of the same investment and wealth planning … Read More

Optimize Your Spending

Paul FennerPersonal Finance


What if you could increase your level of happiness by what you buy?  You may think that is an easy question to answer by saying, “yes, if I could buy anything I wanted I would be happier.”  However, what if research showed that once you obtained a certain income level, say $75,000 your level of happiness would not change that … Read More

The Ability to be Adaptable and Flexible

Paul FennerLifestyle

440911 handstand girl - The Ability to be Adaptable and Flexible - The Ability to be Adaptable and Flexible | Tamma Capital

One of the traits that helped me during my corporate finance career was learning how to be adaptable and flexible.  Over the course of my Corporate career I faced some fairly challenging experiences: Took part in the closing of 2 MFG facilities; Involved in the movement of product which eventually resulted in the closure of 4 MFG facilities; Went through … Read More

Economics is Largely the Study of Making Choices

Paul FennerPersonal Finance

Choice scaled - paradox of choice - The Paradox of Choice | Tamma Capital

Economics is largely the study of making choices.  I wish that I would have stressed this point more to my economic students last semester.  There aren’t absolute laws in economics like there are in other hard and physical sciences such as chemistry and physics.  However, there are some established tendencies and limits to economics such as the law of supply … Read More