You’re only human: An economist explains how it hurts your portfolio

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More and more a very important aspect of portfolio management is the psychological or behavioral side of investing.  Put another way understanding how your emotions, biases, and mode of thinking affect how you invest your assets. Richard Thaler professor of the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago is widely considered to be the father of behavioral economics. … Read More

The Secret To Never Being Frustrated Again

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Eric Barker at Barking Up The Wrong Tree had a recent post, The Secret To Never Being Frustrated Again, which caught me right at an opportune time as my wife and I try to parent our very demanding set of 4-year old Triplets.  I have to remind myself that they are only 4 and I need to level set my expectations for … Read More

Even Doing Good Has Its Financial Perks

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Even people who help other people have the ability to cash out in the equity markets.  Brad Damphousse and Andy Ballester the founders of crowdfunding site GoFundMe have agreed to sell the controlling position to an investor group led by Accel Partners and Technology Crossover Ventures. The deal, values the company at around $600 million, according to a person familiar with the matter. … Read More

14-Day Plan to Radically Improve Your Finances

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According to a survey by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, less than half of Americans keep close track of their spending, and nearly 30% aren’t saving for retirement. I wouldn’t call the 14-day plan below necessarily radical.  I would call it a very straightforward approach that radically changes your life.  As with many things in life just taking that … Read More

Can Listening to a Baseball Game Help Quite Your Nerves

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Growing up baseball was one of my favorite sports probably because it was a sport that really didn’t matter how big you were (I was pretty small growing up) and I loved trading baseball cards (my first foray into investing). Over the years though my interest in baseball has waned largely because the game has become so slow.  There isn’t … Read More

A Dozen Things I have Learned From…..

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best college fit college planning

Two financial and investment bloggers that I follow on a regular basis are Barry Ritholtz and Ben Carlson.  Another blogger whose content that I also read is Tren Griffin.  Griffin runs 25IQ, a blog about business models, investing, technology, and other aspects of life that he finds interesting. He works for Microsoft; Previously he was a partner at Eagle River, a … Read More

Getting Rich in America Depends on a Lot More Than a College Degree

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College planning process

With both college and high school graduations in full swing throughout the country, this Bloomberg article Getting Rich in America Depends on a Lot More Than a College Degree posed some very interesting points that go well beyond that simply having a college degree leads to wealth. Researchers William Emmons and Bryan Noeth at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis point … Read More

20 Years of Data Reveal: Congress Doesn’t Care What You Think

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Most people have probably thought that Congress doesn’t care about what you think but this video below puts some data and analysis to that very suggestion. Professors Martin Gilens of Princeton University and Benjamin Page of Northwestern University looked at more than 20 years of data to tackle this question. Their study took data from nearly 2,000 public-opinion surveys and compared what … Read More