A Summary of Market Wizards

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I had an earlier post Curated Interview with Paul Tudor Jones from Curated Alpha.  In the post, the author had referenced the book Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders by Jack D. Schwager.  At the end of his book, Mr. Schwager put together a summary of those traits that he thought that the most successful market mavens had in common.  I touched on … Read More

My Teach is an iPad

Paul FennerEducation Planning

I’m always interested in new trends in education probably because I have kids of my own now but also due to my interest of finding more efficient ways to learn.  Education for me didn’t end after undergrad and has just continued with me.  I’m interested in how to retain more information and what tools are available to do so in … Read More

Is an Ivy League Diploma Worth It?

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In my continued quest to determine if a college diploma is worth the money comes a piece from the WSJ Is an Ivy League Diploma Worth It?  I personally believe that the cost of education is in a bubble no different than a stock market or housing bubble.  The question is when and how does it pop?  College debt now totals … Read More