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Brenda Meller Social Media Pie

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“Have you filled a bucket today” is a book that I read to my kids growing up about being kind and giving back to others.  When it comes to your professional and personal networks and relationships, how much are you giving back?  How full is your bucket?

Brenda Meller is a person who believes strongly in helping to fill people’s buckets.  A lover of pie, Brenda’s social media pie, which is also the title of her new book, represents how she shares her knowledge and helps others build their networks and relationships.

Brenda, a wife, mother of two, and entrepreneur at heart, realized that she was leaving learning opportunities on the table, which propelled her to write her book.  Having faced life transitions herself, including a career change, she started her firm Meller Marketing.

Meller Marketing and Brenda’s social media pie calling card is founded upon the principle of social media karma, which equates to talking more about others than you do yourself.  Similar to wealth planning, the thesis behind “Have you filled a bucket today” and Brenda’s marketing strategy is that you need to make investments, either financial or personal, in others before you should expect a return of your own.

Brenda’s story and many other podcast guests who have faced life transitions, as we know, can be an extremely emotional journey.  How we decide to meet these challenges or opportunities is primarily determined by our mindsets.

Please enjoy my conversation with Brenda Meller.

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