Retirement Planning

Does your business have an existing retirement plan in place today?  Here are some questions to consider if your plan is not meeting your current objectives;

  • How involved is your current advisor or administer?  Do they come on site to meet with you or your employees? What is your current advisor doing for you today?
  • Are owners/partners/highly compensated employees able to maximize annual contribution limits each year in the plan?  If not, there could be plan design issues.

TAMMA Capital has partnered with industry leader Vanguard to help ensure that your business delivers a successful and valuable retirement plan to your employees.

We provide direct one on one support to ensure that a plan transition is delivered on time and is cost effective for you.  

Regardless of what plan design you choose, we can administer and support a wide variety of plans.

What are the goals and objectives of your employer-sponsored retirement plan?
  • Increased participation?
  • Regulatory guidance and support?
  • Investment due diligence?
  • Single fiduciary point of contact which directly helps to support employees?
  • Employee benefit to attract new talent and keep existing key employees?

What We Do For You

Conversion/Setup Management

The Plan support you need each step of the way. You can expect your plan to go Live 60 to 90 days after Plan establishment.

Plan Administration
IRS Form 1099-R preparation and support, Census data updates via the sponsor website, Payroll provider integration, Payroll monitoring, Contribution processing, Online loan processing. 

Compliance Services
Annual reporting package to support plan audit, Form 5500 preparation, Compliance and eligibility testing, Year-end preparation and support, ERISA consultations, Optional participant locator, trustee, and fiduciary services. 

Fiduciary Responsibilities
Quarterly Plan illustrator reports that provide a broad overview and analysis of your plan’s performance and access to an annual Fiduciary Benchmarks Inc. report. ERISA consultants who work to keep you informed of regulatory and legislative developments. 

Participant Services and Education 
Your employees receive multiple touchpoints to keep them engaged in the pursuit of their retirement goals. We will provide tools and educational resources for you and your employees based on the four key retirement milestones: enroll, save, invest, and retire. 

Investment Flexibility 
We create a diverse and low-cost portfolio lineup that helps your employees save more for retirement. 

Transparent Pricing 
Annual recordkeeping fee is based solely on the number of participants and an advisor based on the number of plan assets and service level. Plan fees can be paid for by you, the plan sponsor, your participants, or a combination of both. 

Our Value Proposition For You, the Client:

  • Low-Cost Fund Options. Helps employees save more.  
  • Transparent Pricing. Know how much your plan will cost, as it can be more affordable than you may think.
  • Diversity of Fund Options. We cover a wide spectrum of major asset classes including Target Date Funds.
  • Professional Support. With a Certified Financial Planner CFP® and the Vanguard Access Platform, TAMMA will host multiple Town Hall style meetings annually for employees.
  • Plan Design Flexibility. Options include Automatic Enrollment, Automatic Escalation, and Ability to Take Loans.

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