Career Transitions: The Norm, Not the Exception

Paul FennerLifestyle

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While change can be disorienting and scary, it can provide valuable opportunities to reevaluate what makes life meaningful. 

In 2015, I was unexpectedly transitioned out of my corporate role.  It happened during the holidays, which made it even more emotional. 

However, if it weren’t for that transition, which was extremely painful at the time, I would have never seen the growth and success of my Family Office firm TAMMA.  Moreso, I would have been unable to help guide and advise countless other families who have gone through similar transitions.

Create a New Story

For many of us, our identities, good or bad, are tightly intertwined with our careers.  From what we do to the people we hang out with and talk so much about.

Most people would not expect a financial advisor to be so involved when going through a career transition, but this is where I differ. 

I know how difficult and emotional the process can be for me and my entire family.  This is one reason why it is important to me to help individuals and families create a new stories for themselves.  Most people struggle with handling major life transitions because they don’t know how to tell a new story and change their narrative, myself included at the time.

If change and disruption are the norms, we need to think differently about the shape of our lives and throw away the old idea that they will follow neat, linear paths.  Instead, we need to come up with some more creative stories.

While short-term financial challenges can arise with a career transition, we take a proactive approach to help families build the appropriate margin of safety they need to survive and thrive.  Why?  Because this storm, too, shall pass.  And when it does, you will have a new story to tell.  We want to be with you to help create your new story and live the new narrative that will take shape.

When it comes to life transitions, we focus just as much on planning as we do on numbers.