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May 27

The Stock Market is Not the Economy

John Rekenthaler, who is Vice President of Research for Morningstar, wrote a piece recently, The Stock Market Is Not the Economy.  In his article, Rekenthaler noted that stock prices are only tenuously connected to general economic conditions. Rekenthaler went on to say, “For one, stocks anticipate future developments rather than dwell on current affairs. For […]

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Dec 03

Is It Worth Amazon Coming to Your City?

Seems like I have been writing something about Amazon every week.  Living in Metro Detroit, this one hits a little more home for me as Detroit is one of the cities who are currently trying to lure Amazon to build their 2nd headquarters.  While there are obviously lots of benefits to having a titan of […]

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Nov 27

Why Should Amazon Buy Another Retailer?

As we head into the busiest shopping season of the year, be prepared for more and more of why Amazon should buy this company or that company. While just about anyone could build a case for why Amazon should buy up cheap retail companies such as Kohl’s, I think that the analysis in this piece […]

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