Career Transitions: The Norm, Not the Exception

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While change can be disorienting and scary, it can provide valuable opportunities to reevaluate what makes life meaningful.  In 2015, I was unexpectedly transitioned out of my corporate role.  It happened during the holidays, which made it even more emotional.  However, if it weren’t for that transition, which was extremely painful at the time, I would have never seen the … Read More

Rethinking Productivity

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I have always been a very driven person.  But as a parent, I constantly feel the push and pull of integrating family and career.  With this push and pull, there is an insatiable drive to be as productive as possible. Do you feel this as well? With a growing business (which I love, by the way), a spouse with a … Read More

Navigating the Financial Journey of Raising Triplets+1: One Day at a Time

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Just over a decade ago, I was bestowed with a unique challenge and blessing – raising triplets plus one. After twelve whirlwind years, they’ve completed their elementary school journey. An old saying that resonated deeply when I first discovered we were having triplets was, “the days are long, but the years are short.” This insight has been the most genuine … Read More

Fear of the Unknown

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I believe fear is the number one reason that prevents parents and couples from moving forward financially. Sometimes that fear is justified.  Parents know they are spending too much, not saving enough, and not realizing how many risks they take. On the other hand, some parents are doing all the “right” things but don’t have it all together and fear … Read More

Are You Living a Life Less Ordinary?

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One of the greatest risks is living a life where one day, inevitably, you realize everything should have been…more. This isn’t about being greedy or trying to avoid regrets. (See Dan Pink’s book on The Power of Regrets) It is about defining what is enough for you. So how can you do this? What is the magic formula? Here are … Read More

Unplugging to Recharge: The Magic Number for Vacation Days

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Happy scaled - vacation - Unplugging to Recharge: The Magic Number for Vacation Days | Tamma Capital

We all know the importance of taking a breather, stepping away from our daily grind and responsibilities to recharge and rejuvenate.  But how many days of vacation do we truly need to achieve that state of zen, that perfect balance between work and life? In the whirlwind of life, we often find ourselves caught up in the vortex of work, … Read More

What 0.6 Seconds Means to a Parent

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2023 regional swim meet mj - parenthood - What 0-6 Seconds Means to Parenthood | Power of Moments | Tamma Capital

Now that I have kids, I often wonder, when I am watching a sporting event, what are the parents going through right now?  What emotions run through a parent’s mind watching their child play at the highest level? I was an athlete growing up, not a very good one, but nothing compares to watching your kids play a sport at … Read More

Is being a hard worker a gene passed down from your family?

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Grandpa fenner - Family - Is being a hard worker a gene passed down from your family? | Tamma Capital

Is being a hard worker a gene passed down from your family? My grandfather passed away in July.  No need to be sad; he was almost 103. Do you realize how many stories you get to hear when you meet someone who has lived that long? The story that stands out most to me is what a hard worker my … Read More

Why Forecasting is So Unpredictable

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Michael Lewis’s book, The Undoing Project, sets out why it is hard to predict life and financial outcomes.  The book focuses on the unusual relationship forged between two Israeli psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky. The pair wrote a series of original studies regarding our assumptions about our decision-making process. Their papers showed how the human mind erred systematically when … Read More