TAMMA Capital Founder Paul Fenner to InvestmentNews: Debt Ceiling Brinkmanship Not a Concern for Advisers

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debt ceiling TAMMA Paul Fenner

The debt ceiling debacle has been kicked down the road, at least for another few months. Mark Schoeff Jr.​ at InvestmentNews​ quoted me in his most recent article. We need to be focused on corporate earnings trends and the impacts that supply chain shortages along with labor shortages will have on demand and thus corporate profits. Read on for the … Read More

4 Financial Challenges of New Families

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One of our specialties is working with new and growing families. Watch this short video where I discuss a case study of one family that was facing 4 common challenges we see all the time. Our team helped this family gain clarity and direction, and created a plan to achieve their goals and objectives. If you’re in this season of … Read More

Apple vs. Google vs. Facebook vs. Amazon

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The big four in terms of technology giants Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon seem to be on a collision course with each other.  At one point in time, their wares were virtually separate but now they clearly infringe upon each other turfs. When I see these four names, I can’t help but think of companies that may have been apart … Read More