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May 12

Celebrity Calls Out Mother of Triplets

Recently my wife Theresa had an encounter with a celebrity who is the new brand ambassador of a specific company.  I am not allowed to disclose the celebrity nor the company! During an event, the celebrity (let’s call her Anna) asked in a crowded room of mostly males, “where are my mom’s at?”  At which […]

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Jan 08

The Paradox of Choice

Have you ever thought that having too many choices is a problem?  These days most of society is wired to believe that more choices = better decisions.  That the freedom of choice leads to happier lives. In his article How To Find Happiness In Today’s Hectic World, Eric at Barking Up the Wrong Tree, draws on […]

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Dec 04

Understanding Benchmarks; What Should They Mean?

One of the value propositions that I offer to clients is to have their wealth planning integrated with their portfolio management.  Wealth planning spans vast components of both your personal and financial life such as retirement, tax, education, estate, and “lifestyle” planning to name a few.  Wealth planning and portfolio management should work together but […]

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Nov 27

The Alternative College Savings Plan

Besides saving for retirement, saving for college is the most discussed wealth planning topic that I address when working with families.  A child born in 2018 that begins kindergarten in the fall of 2023 would attend college between the years of 2036 and 2040. If that child attended an average public in-state 4-year college and […]

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