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Jun 07

How to Develop Your Own Personal Financial Statement

Does this sound like you, “We don’t have any money at the end of the month.  We’re not saving enough or investing anything for retirement, and we’re going to be sending our daughter to college next year.” Your money follows your personal interests.  What you spend your money on shows what is important to you.  […]

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May 08

Spring Clean Your Finances; 5 Ways How to Get Organized

Now that we have made it through another tax season, it is finally time to look forward to Spring.  Although, depending upon where you live, the spring season could be fleeting as they often are in the state of MI.  Regardless of the weather, Spring from a financial calendar standpoint means it time to get […]

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Apr 01

How The CARES Act Could Impact You

With the passing of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, I wanted to highlight a few of the critical points that could impact you and your family. Tax Rebates Taxpayers with no tax liability would receive $600, and the amount increases dollar for dollar for those with a tax liability up to […]

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Mar 30

Peace of Mind When it Matters Most

Last week stock markets were in rally mode as the $2 Trillion stimulus bill was passed, and President Trump indicated that some businesses could be up and running by Easter. Trading in the stock markets last week took the stance as if the War against the coronavirus will soon be over.  How do we know?  […]

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Dec 03

5 Options on How to Handle Your Year-End Bonus

So, you just received your company bonus check.  Now, what should you do with it? Before you go out and spend it on something that you might regret, have you had a chance to review your wealth planning pie? Your wealth planning pie consists of all your wealth planning priorities, goals, and objectives.  No matter […]

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