Ep.26 – Chris Dyer – Finding an Opportunity to Change How We Work

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Have you ever heard the phrase, “never let a good crisis go to waste?” Whether it is a global pandemic, a housing crash, or a great financial recission, recognizing and seizing an opportunity can be a life-changer.

This is precisely what Chris Dyer decided to do back in 2009 amongst one of the worse recessions we have seen since the great depression.  Faced with cutting costs and laying off people to keep his business alive, Chris went from a sticks and bricks business to a completely virtual company.

With his business transformation, Chris became a leading expert in cultural change and remote work, specifically, how companies could transform their own companies to being entirely virtual.

Chris and I discuss what it takes from a company culture perspective to make remote work, work.  Although having senior leadership buy-in does help, the critical aspect of remote work starts with first-level teams.  The relationships between employees and front-line managers can be the game-changer for creating a thriving remote work culture.

To succeed in a remote working environment, Chris points out that employees need to set boundaries, communicate those boundaries (both internal and external), and have the discipline to stick with it.  Chris acknowledges that there is no natural start or stops when it comes to working remotely, which is why it is so critical for people to set boundaries so they do not fall into the trap of working constantly.

Chris advises both employees and employers to figure out how to create the right environment and determine what the practical methods necessary are to make virtual work successful for all parties.  Methods that could focus on changing how we meet, the meaning behind why we have specific meetings, and whether meetings should be mandatory or optional.

Please enjoy my conversation with Chris Dyer.

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