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Dan Pink

In this episode, Dan Pink talks about finding your motivation, figuring out what you’re good at, and combining the two to create success for yourself.

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How does someone become a multi New York Times best-selling author? First, ask yourself, what do you do when no one is watching?

Dan Pink, a 4-time New York Times Best Selling author, shares his story on becoming a prolific researcher and writer.  How his side hustle of writing, and a conversation with his wife, turned into the journey of a lifetime.   

Dan’s story leads us into an inspiring conversation about the advice we give to our kids and ourselves. Unfortunately, when we give our kids advice or try to find our own way, asking what is your passion, is not the right question we should be asking.  Instead, a better question to ask is, what do you like to do, or more important, what are you good at. 

Additionally, as Dan points out, you want to find something you can get paid to do.  You can be the best sculptor of ducks, but if it doesn’t pay the bills, then you have an issue.  But notice, the right questions to ask ourselves do not begin with money first.  While they are secondary, they do still matter.

People need to realize that answers to these questions do not come overnight.  Maybe for some people, but not for most.  Setting aside to give yourself time to think and breathe.

Another critical topic that we tackle is our failure to predict what we really want.  Research shows, again and again, we are not good predictors of who we will be in the future.  Think about the person you thought that you would be 20 years ago.  Does that picture still hold true? Instead, we discuss the idea of how we should think about life in stages.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dan Pink.

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