Ep.18 – Dennis Mosley Williams – Being the Light for Your Family

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Dennis Mosely-Williams

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Imagine having a career or business that required you to be on over 150 flights per year.  Think about how many missed soccer games or dance rehearsals that may be.  Or the strain that it could put on your spouse or partner.

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Dennis Mosely Williams is a husband, father of two girls, and consultant entrepreneur whose life pre-COVID was just that, multiple plane rides per week crisscrossing the country to talk about how valuable experiences are vs. services.

What has made Dennis so successful in his business pales in comparison to the success that he has had in his home life with his wife Sherry, raising their two girls.  Dennis and Sherry have realized in their lives and with their family is knowing what enough is.

Knowing who you are and what you want as a person, spouse/partner, and parent are the critical elements that help people keep stress and financial strife out of their relationships.  An essential component that allows Dennis to do this is quite simple, every 60 days, have something fun to look forward to.

In addition to being supportive, listening, and going on dates with your spouse or partner, Dennis talks with great passion about building and living for the memories and experiences of life, not status or material possessions that people think may make them happy.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dennis Mosley Williams.

Dennis Mosley Williams

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