Ep.111 – Jen Wilson – Finding Alignment: Starting a Side Hustle with Your Corporate Job

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Jen Wilson

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Have you ever wondered how to manage a full-time career and family with a “side hustle?” As daunting as that question may be, think about the alternative question; do I want to stay in a career that will grind me down to nothing?

Jen Wilson is a business coach who helps small business owners find their way.  After making numerous career pivots herself, Jen is a prime example of someone who kept trying new avenues while maintaining a full-time corporate position until she found her calling.

Our conversation centered on identifying your core values and purpose and the importance of a purpose statement guiding your work.  Jen shares that if she had done this work early on, she probably wouldn’t have taken so many different pivots in the beginning.  

Aligning your values with your decisions can save time and prevent unnecessary detours.  Start with small steps and anchor yourself to your core values and purpose to make clean decisions in your personal and professional life.

Three Key Takeaways

  1. Define your core values: To make decisions aligning with your highest values, you must first identify them.
  2. Start with a purpose statement: Whether you’re starting a business or pursuing a side hustle, defining your higher purpose is essential.
  3. Shift your mindset: Pursuing a passion while being in a corporate job can feel intimidating.  However, it’s possible to balance family obligations with pursuing personal goals.  Identify small pockets of time to work on personal goals and intentionally plan your week to schedule time for them.

We also discussed the benefits and challenges of managing career and family and also pursuing a side hustle while working a corporate job, including being transparent with your employer and managing your time effectively.

Remember, progress may be slow, but it’s important to focus on your journey and making progress toward your bigger goals.

Please enjoy my conversation with Jen Wilson.

Jen Wilson

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