Ep.63 – Ben Feller – Big Problems, Little Problems; A Father & Son Journey

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Ben Feller

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What would having a better perspective mean to us?  Would it allow us to see little problems for what they are, little?  Or big challenges for what they are?

Ben Feller is a former award-winning Chief White House Correspondent for The Associated Press.  A journalist for 20 years, Ben spent many years questioning and covering Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, gaining perspective like no other.

Through his experiences in working within the White House, Ben discusses how this unique perspective allowed him to see life through different lenses.  It was a journey that allowed him to take the concept of Big Problems/Little Problems and transition into a new career helping his clients tell their stories.

Ben talks openly about finding himself at yet another crossroads, as many of us do during our life journey.  Now he is writing about his personal passion: being a dad.

Ben’s forthcoming book is the story of how a dad teaches his son to solve the daily challenges of life – and, in turn, the surprising ways in which a child can teach a grown-up to remember what is important, too.  Written with lessons that apply to any family with young children, this book is distinctively told from a father’s point of view and built on how a son and dad listen to and learn from each other.

As one life transition leads to another, Ben’s story helps remind us that this life journey is a tale about perspective, patience, and the ability to conquer frustration no matter the problem!

Please enjoy my conversation with Ben Feller.

Ben Feller

Big Problems, Little Problems

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