Ep.73 – Melody Wilding – Strategies to Stop Overthinking and Make Decisions Faster

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Melody Wilding, Trust Yourself

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Do you feel overworked and on your way to burnout?  Have you returned to running a chaotic life as we move into a post-Covid world?

Burnout is the number one topic that Melody Wilding, a licensed therapist and coach is helping to address with her current clients.  A year ago, Melody was on our show when she launched her book, Trust Yourself, and how she helps highly sensitive and high-achieving professionals overcome the emotional challenges of leadership, management, and success.

One of the ways Melody has seen a reduction in burnout is to take things off your plate, not expand it: adding by subtracting.  To do this, you must become very clear about what you want or are trying to optimize in your life.  As Melody puts it, it’s not the big obligations that bring us down; it’s the small death by a thousand cuts commitments.

Melody addresses three strategies that help us to stop overthinking and make decisions faster.  Strategies that can also help in our quest to define what “enough” is for ourselves.

Please enjoy my conversation with Melody Wilding.

Melody Wilding

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