Ep.74 – Jay Rooke – Upping Your Communication Skills as a Parent

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Jay Rooke, Gonzo Parenting

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Aren’t we all selling something?  Our time, ideas, or influence.  But what are we selling to our kids as parents?

Jay Rooke is charting a new way to become a salesperson to your kids as parents; he calls it parenting with comedy, otherwise known as Gonzo Parenting!

Jay, the father of twins, considers parenting a full-contact sport, and I couldn’t agree with him more.  Being in the thick of the messy, authentic, barely-controlled chaos.  Sharing the humorous moments and humbling lessons learned.  Reminding other parents that not one among us has their sh*t together, no matter what we see on social media, and that’s okay.  This is the essence of what Jay has created at Gonzo Parenting.

A formula that Jay and I discuss when it comes to parenting is this: Parental Happiness = Self-care.

To make this formula work and to be a successful parent, you must fill your own bucket.  You must pour empathy, compassion, and time into your spouse or partner.  Although it takes a village to raise a family, it takes an entire community when raising multiples!

As Jay put it, “parenting allowed me the opportunity to do some personal work that I may never have done if I didn’t have my set of twins.”

Please enjoy my conversation with Jay Rooke.

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