Ep.80 – Todd Adams – How to Evolve as a Parent

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As a parent, do you see raising your kids as an opportunity to improve yourself?  Does being a parent help or force you to change the behavior you want to model for your kids?

Todd Adams is a regular dad trying to do extraordinary things.  While maintaining a full-time career, he and his wife, Cathy, started Zen Parenting Radio over 11 years ago.  A podcast that helps expand compassion through the lens of a spiritual & emotional mom and a logical & practical dad.

But being a dad, Todd wanted to focus and help other dads be better.  So after a long weekend with a group of his guy friends, Todd launched Men Living, a non-profit committed to improving men’s lives through connection.

A consistent topic among parenting and health experts I speak with is that modeling the behaviors we want our kids to see starts with self-awareness.  The ability to take our own temperature and realize what direction the pendulum of life is currently swinging in is a critical first step in self-awareness. 

As Todd points out, we need to pause and notice events without judgment.  To develop the ability to lay down our defenses and realize that our spouses or partners are here to help us.

Finally, we touch on the hot topic that all parents are dealing with: how to manage electronic devices with our kids.  Todd lays out three steps he has learned and uses with his three daughters, which could help you and your family.  Spoiler alert, the key is to be flexible.

Please enjoy my conversation with Todd Adams.

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