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You often hear the phrase, “when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade.” We don’t need to be in a global pandemic for this phrase to ring true.  Imagine a doctor staring you in the eyes and says, “congratulations, you are having triplets.”

As much as we try to plan for our futures, I often tell my Family Office clients that financial and lifestyle goals will take a back seat to unexpected priorities.  You cannot prepare for everything, and that is okay.  Being told that I was having triplets in 2010 was just one of many unexpected surprises that I have had to start my Family Office firm TAMMA Capital.

Let’s begin with the name TAMMA.  If you take the first letter of each of my wife and kids’ first initial of their first names, it = TAMMA.  It stands for family and represents all of the families that I have the privilege of serving in the wealth planning, portfolio management, and tax service universe that I work within.

In this episode, I answer questions that many listeners have asked, such as what is my background, why did I start TAMMA, what life transitions have I gone through, and what does Family Office really mean?

Having created this Family Office called TAMMA means that I get to be a part of the life transitions that my TAMMA families experience.  Both the expected and certainly the unexpected.  To be their financial and life partner, friend, and extended family.

Every person and family has a story.  What is your story?  How can TAMMA help to create the change that you want in your family’s life?

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