Fear of the Unknown

Paul FennerLifestyle

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I believe fear is the number one reason that prevents parents and couples from moving forward financially.

Sometimes that fear is justified.  Parents know they are spending too much, not saving enough, and not realizing how many risks they take.

On the other hand, some parents are doing all the “right” things but don’t have it all together and fear what they may be missing.

Regardless of what situation you may find yourself in, the fear of not knowing, either way, can cause parents to miss out on opportunities and, more importantly, lose their peace of mind.

What would peace of mind over your finances mean to you?  Could it lead to

  • Better communication with your partner or spouse
  • Having options that would equate to greater financial and personal flexibility
  • Identifying what is enough

Despite fears, despite unknowns, despite uncertainties, change helps us grow.  Change makes us stronger.

Remember that change you dreaded last year, the one that kept you awake at night?  Chances are, it’s your normal now.

But sometimes, life throws a curveball, and despite all our efforts, the change we hoped for doesn’t quite pan out.  That’s okay.  In fact, it’s better than okay; it’s essential.

Even in the midst of failed change, we stumble upon something invaluable: new knowledge and insights that we wouldn’t have discovered had we not dared to embrace the change.

The unknown is vital to our growth.  Change doesn’t just make us stronger; it keeps us moving forward.  If we aren’t changing, we aren’t evolving.  We’re just standing still while the river of life rushes by.

So, whatever your unknown, don’t just tolerate it; welcome it.  Don’t let fear guide your actions, and certainly don’t turn your back on it.  Instead, embrace the unknown, for it’s in this embrace that we find our true strength, resilience, and potential.