Financial Employee Assistance Program

Four out of five employers report that their employees’ personal financial issues are impacting their job performance somewhat, very much, or to an extreme degree.  Providing employees with financial planning assistance can create benefits for both the company and employees. Help reduce your employees’ financial anxieties while improving their productivity and focus at work by offering them the benefit of professional financial planning assistance.

According to a recent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) report, companies that offer a financial wellness or Financial Employee Assistance Program to their employees could save $3 for each dollar they spend.

TAMMA has developed a unique Financial Employee Assistance Program which allows your employees to meet one-on-one with a Certified Financial Planner® to discuss an array of financial related topics that are important to them.

Our program can be an employee benefit that helps your company:

  • Attract new talent
  • Retain key employees
  • Increase workplace focus and productivity

A benefit such as this can demonstrate to employees how much your company cares about their future.

The TAMMA Financial Employee Assistance Program, paired with our Business Retirement Program, can produce additional synergies for your employees and company creating a holistic approach to supporting your most valuable asset, your people.

What We Do To Help Help Employees

Understand the Basics
Develop an understanding of your personal financial statements, household cash flow, and financial goals that should align to lifestyle goals.

Help to bring order to your financial life by making you aware of all the components of wealth planning which include estate, insurance, retirement, education, tax, and lifestyle goal planning. 

Provide unbiased third-party advice to help avoid emotionally driven decisions in important money matters. 

Work with you to anticipate your life transitions and help you to be financially prepared. 

Explore what will be needed to succeed in your situation by understanding, providing the necessary resources, and explaining the options and risks. 

Help to maximize your return on life by guiding you to make the best financial and life decisions possible by clearly understanding your background, philosophy, needs, and objectives. 

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