Five reasons kids are awesome

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I originally posted this piece in April 2012 after spending about 8 hours in an ER from late into the night to early into this morning with one of the triplets.

I found a brief post by fellow financial field colleague  #JoshBrown head at The Reformed Broker.  

Given the current pandemic and kids homeschooling, I can definitely relate to points 4 and 5 as the triplets aren’t quite talking yet.

I’m sure anyone with kids can come up with their own list but for me, I have tried to take timeouts to notice the little things.  As hard as life may seem at times I remind myself that they are only this age once so try to enjoy the ride.

From Josh 

Long weekends always mess me up…

I barely get to hang out with the kids during the week and regular weekends are such a blur of birthday parties and errands that I hardly notice their passage.  But with Friday of last week off and the kids now 6 and almost 3, it feels like we all got to really hang out and reconnect for the first time in ages.
Which is cruel, because now they’re in bed already and tomorrow I’m gone for the week once again.
Anyway, at least I was reminded of the awesomeness of kids after way too much time spent in the company of adults lately.  Here are five reasons why kids are awesome, relearned over the last three days:
1.  They believe in magic.
2.  They are utterly unselfconscious and say exactly what they mean.
3.  They are boundlessly enthusiastic.
4.  They never walk, but run everywhere they go, even into the next room.
5.  Laughter is their default setting, it’s really hard to make them not laugh.
Awesomeness all around.  If anyone needs me, I’ll be back at work tomorrow – looking forward to the next long weekend.