How to Scale Yourself and Get More Done Than You Thought Possible

Paul FennerLifestyle

Danny Schreiber has put together a piece that summarizes and provides some additional detail into an earlier post that we put out Scott Hanselman – It’s not what you read, it’s what you ignore.

The world provides us with a plethora of opportunities for distractions that help us sidetrack our goals and what we really want out of our lives both personally and financially.  From social media to keeping up with the Jones’, we can greatly confuse being busy and active for being effective and efficient.

One of the key points highlighted in both of these two posts is what would happen if you just dropped the ball?  While this may sound irresponsible it may allow you to focus on activities that are truly important.  However, you must also figure out which balls to drop which is where Stephen Covey’s four quadrants could come into play.