Is being a hard worker a gene passed down from your family?

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Is being a hard worker a gene passed down from your family?

My grandfather passed away in July.  No need to be sad; he was almost 103.

Do you realize how many stories you get to hear when you meet someone who has lived that long?

The story that stands out most to me is what a hard worker my grandpa Fenner was.  For most of his working life, he worked two jobs to support his family.   Including a stint running his family’s farm after his father passed away at a young age.

It got me thinking, is working hard something you are born with?  Is it in your genes or something you can grow and develop?  Maybe it is both, but I certainly believe that if you are around people who work hard, it can become an influential force.

I hear it from my wife Theresa and even a few of my kids; dad, you work a lot. 

I am lucky.  I get to work hard at a profession I love doing, helping families build purposeful lives and building memories and stories with their families. 

But my grandpa, I am not sure how much he loved plowing fields or delivering milk in the wee hours of the morning.

Bottom-line, my grandpa was a hard worker, and I am glad he passed the gene or trait down to me.