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What if you found yourself 20 years ahead of a curve that no one saw coming?  Could you imagine what working remotely full-time was 20 years ago?

This is precisely where Kim Shepherd was at the turn of 2000.  A common theme with this podcast is discussing both the challenges and opportunities that life transitions can bring.  Kim found herself in the middle of a life and career transition from being in broadcast journalism to business owner of a virtual recruiting business.

Through a lot of sweat equity, Kim overcame many of the stereotypes that employers had in the early 2000s and still have today with employees working remotely.  Kim developed a specialized onboarding process that even included a first-day virtual lunch delivered to the employee’s home.

Kim and I dive deep into the three essential elements that make working remote possible; effective communication that is disciplined, clearly identified key performance indicators are, and trust that you will get the job done.

When building her business and hiring for large multi-national corporations, Kim explains how she looked to hire what she calls “Jedis” rather than “A players.” 

During the Covid lockdown, Kim began putting all of her knowledge and insights about working remotely into a new book, Remote Work, with her co-author Chris Dyer.  In her book and concept of working remotely, one essential message is, “design what you want, or deal with what you get.”

Please enjoy my conversation with Kim Shepherd.

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