EP.27 Leah Nauseda – Being Open in Raising 6 Boys and to New Opportunities

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People often ask me what it is like raising triplets?  However, I have often wondered what it has been like for a mom with a full-time career to raise six boys ranging from age 29 down to 7?  Leah Nauseda is just the person to help answer this question.

Transitions have been a way of life for Leah as she talks about going through a divorce, being a stay-at-home mom, and then slowly working her way back into a new sales career.  A career that highlights her natural abilities to be a great networker but an even better connector of people.

Leah attributes her ability to focus on specific tasks to be incredibly critical in getting through these transitions, which took considerable time to develop when faced with overwhelming challenges.

Leah has found that she has had to set boundaries in trying to keep some sense of balance in her life.  Her ability to realize when someone or something needs her time, attention, and energy vs. people and projects that will take away her limited resources helps her relieve stress and not overthink what is essential in the bigger picture of life.

The true success of Leah’s ability to raise her six boys while developing her new career has been to be open with herself, her boys, and to opportunities when they uniquely present themselves.  Her ability to stay open has helped to deepen the strong relationships that she has developed with her sons and the deep connections her sons have built with each other.

Please enjoy my conversation with Leah Nauseda.

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