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What if you were about to make a massive investment but were unsure what you would have to pay for the investment?  Add on the fact; this investment would be one of the most emotional decisions that you would make not only in your life but the life of your child.

This is the situation that most parents find themselves in when determining what they will pay for their kids to attend college.  Mark Salisbury, who spent much of his career working in higher education, wanted to change this by helping parents and students be better informed when deciding what college to attend and how much it would cost them.

Mark created a company called TuitionFit.  Think of it as the Kelly Blue Book of college pricing.  It is a free process where parents can upload their kids’ college award letters and compare apples to apples what other kids have received from various colleges and universities.

In creating TuitionFit, Mark focused on building a trust experience with families who only need to share one financial and two non-financial pieces of data. Families’ information is protected and never shared or sold to third parties.

During our conversation, Mark and I dive deep into what makes a good college decision, along with questions that both parents and students should be asking of the schools they are interested in attending.  Many of our conversation points come from Ron Lieber’s book, The Price You Pay for College, which I highly recommend.

I believe in Mark’s company so much that I have decided to partner with him to create a better college planning experience for families.  The first ten families who contact me, Mark and I, will personally walk you through the TuitionFit process at no cost to you. 

Look for a follow-up conversation with Mark in a future podcast as there were many topics on the college planning process that we weren’t able to discuss in this episode.

Please enjoy my conversation with Mark Salisbury

Mark Salisbury


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