Retirement Living: College towns lure Boomers

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I had read this USA Today article several years ago that I never posted regarding where people are choosing to retire.  Interestingly enough, people are looking beyond the typical places of Arizona and Florida.

College towns seem to be an alternative destination that people are really considering when it comes to retirement time.  I have often told my wife that I would like to end up in a college town in the southern half of the country (preferably North Carolina) when our last kid finishes high school.

Why choose a college town?  Amenities, lots of options to choose from no matter what your individual interests or hobbies may be.  I’ve talked to quite a few people that have an interest in keeping their edge which means looking at opportunities to teach.

  • Affordable college towns such as  Ann Arbor, Mich.  ( University of Michigan ); South Bend, Ind.  (Notre Dame);  Gainesville, Fla.  ( University of Florida ); and  State College, Pa . ( Penn State ) offer exactly what Boomers are looking for these days: cheap homes, a reasonable cost of living, livability and lots of culture and sports.

People are living longer and want to stay engaged and one way to do that is to surround yourself with younger people.

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