Ep.20 – Rich Spriggle – A Net-Giver Focused on Helping People “Between Successes”

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80% of jobs come from networking.  And 80% of those jobs come from a third level connection.  A friend of a friend of a friend.  Then why is it that 95% of people are not good at networking?

Someone who knows a great deal about the human side of networking is Rich Spriggle, a net-giver focused on meaningful work, helping people who are “between successes.”

Rich is a Senior Vice President at Challenger, Gray & Christmas, where he supports individuals going through a career transition.  One of the most traumatic life experiences that you can go through. 

Rich discusses his previous experience as a high-level HR executive and explains the two reasons why a company will hire you.  But just as important, Rich talks about his firsthand experience in going through a career transition himself that helped lead him to do something more meaningful with his career. 

Going through a career transition is an emotional roller coaster, so it is critical to take a deep breath, make time to think things through, and talk to people you trust and who care about you to help provide the support you will need.  This is precisely the type of environment and messaging that Rich guides us through.

While networking is an essential part of finding your next success, Rich provides actionable strategies to network more effectively now, during, and after a career transition.

When I was going through my own career transition, Rich told me, “You can only run from your destiny for so long.” He was referring to the drive and passion that I had for my budding Family Office firm TAMMA.  I can’t thank Rich enough for being one of my biggest supporters.

Please enjoy my conversation with Rich Spriggle.

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