Sandi Hodde – Critical Skills That High School Students are Missing

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Critical Skills That High School Students are Missing Sandi Hodde
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My guest this week is Sandi Hodde.  Sandi is a certified professional English Language Arts and Social Studies educator and taught at the high school level for 22 years.  After seeing increases in high school class sizes, Sandi decided to launch her own business, Your Coach for College, to help prepare and teach kids the skills they would need to succeed in college that they weren’t receiving in high school.

In our conversation, we discuss some critical skills such as note-taking, listening, and forming good study habits that Sandi identifies as being missed within the current education system.  Sandi points out why you should help develop these skills with your kids early in middle school years.

Sandi emphasizes when it comes to high school, it’s not the grades that matter most, it’s the learning.  When ill-equipped high school students enter college where there is increased competition, kids struggle with adversity that they have never faced.  While grades are important to colleges, showing consistent improvement within your high school academic career can also put your student in a favorable spotlight.

Sandi also provides some essential advice for parents on helping their kids strike a balance during the current homeschooling/virtual new learning normal.  We need to remind ourselves that although our kids are very resilient, they can have forms of stress just as parents have experienced in dealing with COVID-19.

Please enjoy my conversation with Sandi Hodde

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