Ep.12 – Molly Reeser – How a Little Girl with Cancer Started a Movement

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Have you ever wondered how a chance encounter with a stranger could change the total direction of your life?  How life planning meets your calling and creates a new journey for you.  This episode is focused on the story of an impressionable young college student whose life would be changed by a 10-year old girl named Casey Foote who was battling cancer.

In my conversation with Molly Reeser, Molly shares the details of her attending Michigan State University and working part-time teaching horseback riding lessons.  A job that would lead her to meet a young girl whose journey with cancer led Molly to start Camp Casey.

Molly talks about her own journey from meeting Casey to setting up a one-day camp that would host children with cancer and their families.  How that one day led her to want to do something more, and the drive and determination that would ultimately result in the creation of a non-profit organization named in Casey’s honor.

Camp Casey’s mission is to provide safe, fun experiences for children and families affected by childhood cancer, rare blood disorders, and other life-threatening illnesses through accessible horseback riding programs.

In building a grassroots non-profit, Molly talks about how she sought out people who could complement her skills while filling voids that would make the organization stronger.  Molly also discusses how she received support and developed relationships with other local non-profits that have led to creating more significant opportunities for Camp Casey.

Molly shares story after story about how complete strangers impacted her life and the lives of children affected by cancer.  Although difficult situations lead families to seek out Camp Casey’s support, Molly talks about how she truly feels joy in bringing one day of fun to a child who needs it the most.

Please enjoy my conversation with Molly Reeser

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