Defining Your Investment Philosophy

Paul FennerPortfolio Management

Ben Carlson recently wrote an article for the American Association of Individual Inventors that discussed the process for Defining Your Investment Philosophy.  Within his piece, Carlson noted 10 Questions to Help Define Your Investment Philosophy.  One of the key tenets of his article is that most investors get into trouble by the constant switching of investing strategies. I believe that everyone … Read More

Rent vs. Buy: Which is Cheaper for You?

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This is a pretty cool interactive chart from Trulia that helps provide some direction on whether it is better to rent vs. Buy in various areas of the U.S. Below are four key variables that drive the decision Interest rate Whether you itemize on your tax return How many years you would stay in the home Do you pay homeowner association fees … Read More

Stressing Out About Money

Paul FennerPersonal Finance


I recently had a conversation with an individual about the very last sentence in this Ben Carlson post Stressing Out about Money, “Too many people are on their own when it comes to making financial decisions.” As American businesses have shifted from pensions to 401ks, it has shifted the responsibility for retirement savings from the employer to the employee.  I agree … Read More

When Risk and Returns Really Start to Matter

Paul FennerPortfolio Management

I often tell new or prospective clients that investment management is the sexy part of the many facets of wealth management that I work on. For most clients, it is investment returns that get their attention.  But as I go on to explain what it is that I really do and how I help people figure out where they want … Read More

The Shrinkage Effect in the Stock Market

Paul FennerBusiness & Economics

I came across two articles recently The Shrinkage Effect in the Stock Market and The bull market is all about the shrinking supply of stocks with the same point but coming at it from two different angles. There has been a significant increase in the repurchase of shares by companies There are fewer stocks to choose from in the U.S. equity markets … Read More