Spring Clean Your Finances; 5 Ways to Get Organized

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Now that we have made it through another tax season, it is finally time to look forward to Spring.  Although, depending upon where you live, the spring season could be fleeting as they often are in the state of MI.  Regardless of the weather, Spring from a financial calendar standpoint means it time to get organized. Not having all your … Read More

What is Financial Wellness and Why it Matters to Your Business

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Your employees are juggling multiple challenges. No matter what stage of life they’re in, financial stressors often top the list. Student loans and other debts bog down millennials who are just getting started. Members of Generation X may be in the prime of their careers but are pinched caring for children and aging parents. Baby boomers are preparing for retirement. … Read More

How to go Beyond Traditional 401(k) Education & Advice

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While some plans worry about the legal consequences of offering advice programs, the Pension Protection Act (PPA) and related DOL guidance continue to support education and advice programs.  We believe that an effective plan design will provide good alternatives for participants, and effective education and advice programs will enhance the likelihood that participants will make sound designs.  The result will … Read More