“Don’t Eat Fortune’s Cookie” Michael Lewis

Paul FennerLife Transitions

Michael Lewis, in my opinion, is one of the greatest authors of his time.  He is the author of The Fifth Risk, The Undoing Project, Flash Boys, The Big Short, Liar’s Poker, and Moneyball, to name a few. Lewis’ address to the Princeton class of 2012 is one of the better commencement speeches that I have heard. If Lewis had … Read More

Even Doing Good Has Its Financial Perks

Paul FennerPersonal Finance

Even people who help other people have the ability to cash out in the equity markets.  Brad Damphousse and Andy Ballester the founders of crowdfunding site GoFundMe have agreed to sell the controlling position to an investor group led by Accel Partners and Technology Crossover Ventures. The deal, values the company at around $600 million, according to a person familiar with the matter. … Read More

20 Years of Data Reveal: Congress Doesn’t Care What You Think

Paul FennerPersonal Finance

Most people have probably thought that Congress doesn’t care about what you think but this video below puts some data and analysis to that very suggestion. Professors Martin Gilens of Princeton University and Benjamin Page of Northwestern University looked at more than 20 years of data to tackle this question. Their study took data from nearly 2,000 public-opinion surveys and compared what … Read More

How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio

Paul FennerBusiness & Economics

Anyone interested in a introductory lesson on how the economy works this 30 minute below by Ray Dalio is a great educational tool.  Ray Dalio is the legendary investor and founder of investment firm Bridgewater Associates.