Ep.17 – Terry Bean – Being Intentional About Your Social Networks

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No matter if you are in a job transition, looking for a new career, trying to grow your business, or simply wanting to expand your knowledge, networking is a skill that should be in your toolset.  But how do you network in the age of CVOID when most everything is virtual?

My conversation with Terry Bean, a foremost expert in networking, especially within LinkedIn, discusses how to utilize social networks best to help you give and get the support you need and want.

The first step of networking successfully is to be intentional about what you are trying to accomplish.  Determine what specific solution you are trying to solve, who you know that can help you solve it, and how you reach that person or group. 

We talk about four segments of people who may be using LinkedIn in very different ways.  Regardless of why you may use a particular social media platform, Terry points out how critical it is to be engaged on that platform. 

When it comes to being engaged, Terry references his 5-5-5 rule that helps you get the most out of the social media platform that they are utilizing.  Terry also talks about how joining and being part of a group can be useful but that it is critical that you like the people in the group and the structure fits what you are trying to accomplish.

I strongly encourage you to connect with Terry on LinkedIn and be sure to check out the numerous resources we discussed during our talk.

Please enjoy my conversation with Terry Bean.

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