This Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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The picture above is one of the many faces of TAMMA.  She happens to be one of the M’s in TAMMA as her name is Mackenzie (Mac).  But her picture could be one of your children.  It could be Kennedy, Collin, Brody, Grace, or Sophia who are just a few of the youngest members of the TAMMA family.

For the past year, Mac and I have spent one evening a week with the talented speech pathologist Lori Hunt at Kids in Motion.  This is a special picture as it was our last session with Ms. Lori as Mac had graduated from the speech program.

Some nights were easy to get to speech class as we looked forward to talking about Mac’s day while other nights were not as much fun after a long day of school.  While getting Mac help with her speech was our main priority, a hidden opportunity presented itself, precious one on one time with a daughter and a father to bond.

I can become easily frustrated with my kids when they lose their focus (admittedly not one of my strongest parenting attributes), but one thing that I learned throughout going to speech class was how resilient Mac could be even on the days that she did not want to go to class.  With her strong spirit at times, I could see some of myself in her especially as she become self-confident and wanted to do things her way or without my help or guidance.

Critical Unseen Component of Wealth Planning

Resiliency is also connected with discipline which are key components to wealth management success.  Does anyone really like to save?  Most people would opt for the instant gratification that surrounds most of the world that we live in today.

Having a clear sense of what your tomorrow looks like can help you develop the resiliency and discipline required to achieve your lifestyle and financial objectives.  Clarity around what your objectives are and why they are important to you, are tools that can help you stay the course, especially for long-term goals such as retirement, a child’s education, or launching a new business.

In wealth planning, I have learned that It’s not your portfolio performance that will help you to achieve your lifestyle and financial goals, it’s the resiliency and discipline required to push aside the instant gratification of today for a better tomorrow.

Speech class became a hidden blessing for me as I realized how much my own daughter’s resolve and discipline would have on me.