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Jan 01

8 Retirement Mistakes to Avoid

Welcome to the first post of 2016.  The web is likely cluttered with articles and posts about the critical retirement mistakes to avoid.  But in working with people first hand I often come up with ideas that I believe are worth sharing no matter how often they may or may not be published. Any one […]

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Oct 11

Stressing Out About Money

I recently had a conversation with an individual about the very last sentence in this Ben Carlson post Stressing Out about Money, "Too many people are on their own when it comes to making financial decisions." As American businesses have shifted from pensions to 401ks, it has shifted the responsibility for retirement savings from the employer […]

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Oct 05

When Risk and Returns Really Start to Matter

I often tell new or prospective clients that investment management is the sexy part of the many facets of wealth management that I work on. For most clients it is investment returns that get their attention.  But as I go on to explain what it is that I really do and how I help people […]

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Sep 16

What if Risk-Free Returns Slowly Go Away?

I read all the way through this Ben Carlson post, What if Risk-Free Returns Slowly Go Away?, but it wasn't until the very end that really caught my attention.  "Maybe savers have been unduly punished in this recovery. But is it also possible that savers in the past were too richly rewarded for keeping their money in […]

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