New and Growing Families

Starting a family can be overwhelming. There are the challenges of raising children, building your business, advancing your career, and needing to prepare for your future while balancing your life and work. Our Family Office makes it easy to plan for the future, and build a flexible plan made just for you.

Wealth Planning

Wealth Planning

We get you. We understand your challenges of raising great children, building a career or business, needing to prepare for your future while balancing work and life today. We have a devotion to planning finances and life transitions for families like you because we are you. Paul is the father of triplets plus one.

  • Life/Career Transitions
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Investment Management for Growth
  • Education Planning
  • Estate Planning - Wills/Trusts/POA
  • Life & Disability Insurance Planning

Wealth planning is about you and your family and the journey that takes you from stressed and overwhelmed to having peace of mind.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

The real value of a financial advisor often manifests itself as being a “behavioral investment counselor.” There is an all-too-human tendency to allow emotions to overwhelm rational thinking when making investment decisions.

We understand the stress and anxiety that making investment decisions on your own can create. At TAMMA, we remove this emotional burden by

  • Building customized portfolios that align with your current and future goals, along with your risk tolerance
  • Consolidating all your accounts that allows you to see your “Big Picture”
  • Understanding your unique tax implications so that we maximize your after-tax returns

Our portfolio management process is flexible and adapts to your changing life as well as changing market conditions, all while providing you peace of mind.

Tax Services

Tax Preparation

Taxes touch every part of your life, including your wealth management plan and investment portfolio. Preparing your tax return may sound like a good way to save money but could cost you more in the long run.

As part of our personalized Family Office, we offer integrated tax preparation and planning for you. Our tax planning process is year-round and integrates within your wealth management plan and portfolio management strategies, providing even greater value efficiency such as

  • Valuable child and education credits
  • Money-saving deductions
  • Investment contributions that could reduce your taxable income

Having tax services within your personalized Family Office helps to reduce the multiple financial and lifestyle pressures facing your family while providing you peace of mind.