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Every busy family deserves financial freedom and security. 

It doesn’t feel good to wonder “what if we don't have enough or we won't be able to get what we want?" From a full work schedule to the hustle and bustle of raising children, there’s no wonder why it’s hard for families to gain control of their financial future. Some days, you are just lucky if dinner hits the table on time. From possibly overspending, not having enough in savings, or just feeling overwhelmed by the options for investing, the pressure to figure it all out on your own is just too much.

Taking the first step forward can feel daunting and sometimes just overwhelming. It’s just been easier to push off financial planning to another day, but deep down you know you can’t keep doing that anymore.

You want to feel confident and have the peace of mind of having a solid financial foundation for your life and your family.

We can help.

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I’m Paul, and I have been right where you are... 

I have a set of 12-year old triplets, a 10-year old, and a spouse who has a demanding full-time career. Time is something you feel like you don’t have, yet it is also the thing that haunts you if you don’t feel confident about some aspect of your finances. I get what you are going through, working extremely hard and watching the years go by swiftly because that is my life too.

That’s why when my triplets were born, I founded TAMMA. I saw firsthand how my own family struggled with financial anxiety, and the challenges and pressures it caused. This is one of the reasons why I chose to become an investment advisor and build my firm to help bring peace of mind to others.

Now I offer you that same path to financial health so you can achieve peace and security. Many busy families just like yours are experiencing relief and confidence from obtaining a financial advisor in their corner, and you can too.  

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Case Studies

Our clients come from varied backgrounds with unique challenges. See how our personalized Family Office was able to help them achieve their wealth management goals and bring peace of mind back into their life.

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Empty Nest Families

Carol & Derrick have two adult children and look forward to spending more time with each other, family, and friends in retirement.  However, they wondered if they could lead the lifestyle in retirement that they currently enjoy today?  Knowing they faced uncertainty…

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Baker Werks is a growing software company specializing in software as a service in the real estate industry. Their employee headcount has grown from 500 to over 800 within the past two years. Baker started an employer-sponsored 401(k) plan ten years ago based upon...

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