Happy Valentines Day to Fathers; Dads who do chores raise daughters who aspire to high-paying careers

Paul FennerLifestyle

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My wife actually shared this article with me so I am not sure if she was trying to find another way to “urge me” to do more around our house when she sent it to me.  Regardless of her motives, I thought that this would be an interesting piece to share with everyone including those dads out there on Valentine’s Day.  So rather than giving the traditional gift of roses, it may be better to do an extra load of laundry.

  • For dads who unburdened their wives by doing even some of the domestic drudgery, their daughters expressed greater interest in working outside the home as doctors and lawyers. In homes with no sign of equally divided chores, daughters had more traditional ambitions: they wanted to be housewives or nurses, teachers, and librarians – all stereotypically feminine occupations.

I am actually very fortunate and grateful to have a wonderful and supportive partner.  In addition to the firm, trying to raise 4 kids under the age of 5 with two demanding careers takes a special person.  While it has its challenges, there isn’t anyone else I would rather be in the “real game of life” with.